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Training and Clinics

Wonky Horse or Wonky Rider 

The aim of all our innovative and practical  sessions is to: 

  • Assess your horses movement

  • Improve your horses posture, coordination, range of movement and balance

  • Improve your horses performance and health

  • Improve your horses engagement by developing suppleness and strength

  • To allow your horse to better support the rider

  • Work towards true self-carriage by strengthening the core

  • Develop a stronger bond between horse and handler or rider.

All Clinics will be advertised on the ECEquineTherapy facebook page, for individual training contact direct.

Pole Work 

  1. In hand groups

  2. Slow ridden poles for those horses on rehab, are unfit or their riders prefer a more leisurely pace of life.

  3. Trot and canter poles.

Pole Work Clinics 

Kit Fit 

Kit Fit

  1. All training aids will be provided.

  2. Horses will be assessed in every training aid to find which one they are happiest with

  3.  How to fit the kit 


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