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Why Might You Need A Physio:

  • ·       Bucking/rearing

  • ·       Age related joint stiffness

  • ·       Lameness following veterinary inspection

  • ·       Wounds and soft tissue injuries to tendon, ligament and muscle.

  • ·       change in performance or not being able to move up a level

  • ·       Uncharacteristic changes in behaviour/reluctance to work

  • ·       Discomfort when being tacked up/rugged/ 

  • ·       Poorly fitted tack

  • ·       Refusing or  knocking poles, reluctance to perform movements 

  • ·       Reluctance to engage

  • ·       Disuniting in canter/incorrect strike off/ poor transitions 

  • ·       Stiffness on one rein and contact issues 

  • ·       Head tilt

What is involved:

  • ·       Assessment of the horse at walk and trot and if required on the lunge or ridden

  • ·       Examination for spinal pain, stiffness and alignment

  • ·       Assessment of joint range, Symmetry of the skeleton and muscle bulk

  • ·       looking for stiffness, restriction or pain

  • ·       Assessment of muscular function, tightness and spasm

  • ·       Assessment of myofascial tightness and general condition

  • ·       Expert advice and information

  • ·       Provision of a tailor-made rehabilitation or exercise programme

  • ·       Treatment with manual electro therapies where required

What can we offer:

  • TENS Therapy

  • Muscle Stimulation Therapy 

  • Equisage treatment 

  • Massage Therapy 

  • Cupping Therapy 

I advise that animals are not exercised or

competed up to 24 after a

physiotherapy treatment.

Please take this into consideration when

you are booking your appointment.




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