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Schooling and Production Livery 

Our schooling livery is suitable for all types of horses in many different disciplines.


Ellyse is experienced in most disciplines, having worked with dressage horses, showjumpers, problem horses, green and young horses.


Our speciality is getting horses going at a good solid basic level. With correct, obedient schooling on the flat and hacking out in a calm and relaxed manner. 


Every horses is backed or schooled in very calm, patient and sympathetic with shy, nervous and spooky horses and black and white with problem/naughty horses.


If you need a helping hand reaching the next step, are struggling with something specific or don’t have the time to dedicate on getting those extra lessons in. Our experiences rider can help push your horse further, to ensure progress with a constant and understanding training schedule to encourage every horse to excel at its own pace. 






Cost: schooling: £160 per week
        show livery: individually priced


What is included? 

·       Shavings or straw, unlimited hay ,

feed, all stable duties for your horse

·       Tack cleaning

·       Use of turnout/walker

·       Farriery, dentistry, saddle checks managed

·       Lessons with the team discounted to £30 each

·       Hacking/lungeing by a member of the team

·       Plaiting, show preparation

·       Schooling by an experienced rider 



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