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Backing Livery


This is the most important stage of your horse’s education as it develops them from basic groundwork and handling, all the way up to being competently ridden. We can also extend this further by introducing your horse to hacking and jumping



We have over 15 years’ experience in backing and schooling horses and ponies.

We have backed and schooled:-

HOYS & RIHS show horses/ponies

Jumping/ pony club ponies

Lead rein and first ridden ponies

Stallions up to 16hh

Every horse is backed and schooled to the same high standards and care you see in our own ponies and horses who’s success speak for themselves.

We do not use gadgets or ‘quick fix’ methods that will potentially cause damage to your horse, throughout the backing and schooling process we strive for the horse to be at its happiest to ensure a safe, comfortable horse which is able to reach it’s full potential.

Ponies are our specialty as we have lightweight pony jockeys available so we can take small ponies . Our facilities allow us to work the horses all year round, no matter the weather. 




Prices :-

  • Ponies £150 per week summer £160 per week winter

  • Horses £160 per week summer £180 per week winter



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