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Rehabilitation Livery 


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In today’s demanding world not everyone has the time to do set aside to provide the rehab sometimes needed after an illness or injury. Correct rehab is an essential part for a horses recovery and ability to stay sound and comfortable. Short cuts or time savers can have a massive impact on the outcome. An understanding of the Bio Mechanics of the horse and how important it is that they work correctly, effectively are vital. 

We offer the following :-

Heat and cold therapy

Massage Therapy 


TENS Therapy
Muscle Stimulation Therapy 
Equisage treatment 
Cupping Therapy 

Long Reining

Hand walking

Small all weather turn out pens


Prices depend on the type of package you require.


If your horse is recuperating from an injury or surgery and requires a structured, taylor made return to work programme. We can offer care for horses on box rest, recuperation, post-operative care or exercise programmes. We can change dressings, apply treatment or any other care that is needed. All of the rehab horses are stabled in good sized, sturdy stables on a quiet yard. 


Along  with the instructions of your vets, we will develop a programme tailored precisely to the needs of your horse, including any specific nutritional requirements. All programmes are carried out under the supervision of an experienced, knowledgeable team who will provide you with regular updates on any progress. We also work closely with any other equine professionals involved, such as vets, farriers or dentists to ensure continuity of care.


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