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Polework Sessions 

Training Aid Fitting/ Session 

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Therapy Sessions
About Us

At EC Equine Therapy we strive to help horses to achieve the most they can, whilst being comfortable and happy as you do the thing you love.


Every horse is treated like our own and working closely with the owner, is prioritised, to ensure the best outcomes and tha all goals are reached

I am the owner of Prospect Farm Livery which have been established for 20 years. In 2017 Ellyse Carden came to my yard with her two wonderful Arab horses. From the moment she arrived I was extremely impressed with her knowledge of horses to the extent that within a short time I asked her to manage my yard. During the time she was in this position she not only managed the establishment she successfully broke in my young warmblood gelding which was sold and is a credit to its new owner. I observed Ellyse throughout this procedure and the care taken, thoughtfulness and patience was beyond what I have seen in the horse world. Furthermore with my liveries she also helped the younger riders given sound advice to them in a way that they understood and were able to advance their riding skills.I have no doubt that Ellyse has all the attributions to cater for all matters involving the management,teaching and care of horses.I would highly recommend Ellyse and her yard.

Tony Croft, Prospect Livery 



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